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The Enduro Equine Suffolk Spring Series is an Individual and a Team Competition. Endurance GB Trophy Points earned by combinations at Kings Forest Spring and Lavenham Endurance will be utilised to determine the winners of both the Individual and Team competitions.

Lavenham Endurance and Kings Forest Spring are hugely grateful for the support received by the Enduro Equine team.




I’ve been using the Enduro Equine Fitness tracker on my young horse for several weeks. It is so easy to use and is really helping me with his training programme and fitness for competition. I can easily see how his fitness has improved with his recovery rates rapidly improving and his heart rate remaining relatively constant through his session. If I see a higher than usual heart rate I can easily scroll back through the session, pin point on the route where it was and understand why… a steep hill, or one of those ‘monsters in the hedge’! Seeing the consistency during competition has shown me his preparation so far has been appropriate, and it will be of great benefit as he goes through the levels. No wires, no fuss, no problems on my sensitive skinned soul!



Got to say, we’ve really enjoyed using the Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker on our top horse, Desert Flower, in the build up to Royal Windsor. Having also used it in competition, it’s proved to be a great way of saving precious seconds coming into the vet holds. It’s been so easy to use and even after 80km, the girth sleeve didn’t move or rub! It’s been so easy to use and super helpful having the ‘here & now info’ at your fingertips.



Following our incredible win at Windsor CEI** 120km endurance ride, the Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker was invaluable in monitoring her heart rate during the ride and gave us all the information we needed when entering the vet gates. Pleased to report no rubs using the same sleeve for the complete 120k!

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