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Ride Information

Here you can find all the information related to the ride itself. Ride routes, maps, crewing information and venue layout are available by clicking on the appropriate links and documents below.  Join our mailing list to ensure you get notified as soon as its all available!


Semer Manor, Bildeston Road, Semer, Ipswich

What Three Words: workbook.backed.solid

Postcode: IP7 6JB




















Venue Plan 2024.png


We have 5 x Raynet checkpoints out on course (CP1-5 on the maps)

Crewing can be done at all check points apart from check point 5 on the West Loops - please do not crew down there as it is a small neighbourhood area with narrow lanes. We have indicated alternative crewing opportunities on this loop. For the 40km E/W loop (20km East loop, through venue followed by 20km West loop), crewing can be done at the venue.


Check Points (CP) & Crew Points (C) What3words:

CP1: Boarded Barns - 'strutting.outline.else'

CP2: Maskells' Hall -  'forehand.paying.widen'

CP3: Barrard's Hall - 'dock.songs.costumed'

CP4: Clay Hill A1141 Cross Roads - 'robes.condense.payout' - NO CREWING

CP5: Stackyard Green 'brands.finer.trudges' - NO CREWING


C1: Semer Road - ‘aged.deform.bypasses’ (please park cars on the field margin on the right as you drive in)

C2: Lindsey Tye - ‘speeches.crabmeat.develops’ (drive in and park along tree line to the left)

C3: Stackyard Green - ‘sweeper.decisive.formation’ (park on field margin, just beyond where the horse route is. Do not park on the muddy/reseeded area on the corner, the ground is very soft)

C4: South Clay Hill - ‘character.refilled.comment’ (drive in and park in a row along the hedge line. Be aware of horses coming out of the same entrance that the crew vehicles must drive in. Horse must have right of way)



Route Maps

Click the links above to download your loop maps. Check the key to know which loops you will be doing during your ride!

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