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Could you join our volunteering team?

As with any event, we simply couldn't manage without our incredible volunteering team. Running an endurance event is logistically challenging with many organisational elements involved. From something as simple as a car park steward right through to the critical roles of timekeepers, all of these roles are so important! From an Organiser's perspective, the volunteering team will help ensure the smooth running of the event, putting the competitors' safety and wellbeing at the forefront and also making LavenhamEndurance one of the best events on the Endurance GB calendar!

What could you get out of volunteering?

Not only is the volunteering team a critical cog in the event wheel, it's also a brilliant opportunity for anyone wanting to get a better understanding of endurance. You can get a front row seat to the action with clear visibility of how the competitors' team work together, how a vetting works, what to expect when you attend your first event. And for those of you looking for a gentler day, we will also be looking for many people to act as Check Point Stewards and Road Marshalls, where you can enjoy the views of the countryside whilst ensuring our horses and riders remain safe and well along the route.

The Nitty-Gritty!

All volunteers will receive a packed lunch, hot drink voucher and a bucketful of gratitude from the Organiser and Competitors alike! You will also receive a 'free pass' to an online 'Intro to Endurance' session for those if you that would like to - let us know if you'd be interested in this. Below you can see the areas where we are seeking volunteers and we would ask that you either put yourself forward for the whole day or half a day, depending upon what you are able to offer.

Volunteering Teams

We are looking for people to submit their preferences under the following categories. We will then be in touch directly with you to assign a specific role that suits you and your availability.

Remember; for 2024 we will need volunteers for ALL THREE DAYS (Friday - afternoon only and venue based, Saturday - morning and afternoon, venue and route based, Sunday - morning and afternoon, venue and route based). Maybe consider riding on one day and volunteering on another? Special offers on camping and corralling are available to those that do this! The posts below are needed each day so please have a look and see if you can help out!

Venue Logistics

Corralling / Camping Steward (x2)

Car Park Steward (x2)

Runner (x2)

Route Logistics

Check Point Marshall (multiple)

Road / Gate Marshall (multiple)

Vet Gate Team

Vet Writer (x6)

Time Keeper (x4)

Social Media & Admin

Content Creator (x2)

Results Assistant (x1)

Secretary Assistant (x1)

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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