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Lavenham Endurance Classes & Results


2024 Classes

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2023 Results

Best Turned Out sponsored by Ivy House Farm

Katie Bedwin and 'Gerko de Tenelle'

Best Crew sponsored by Beth Endurance

The Crew of Annie Joppe and 'HS Chiara'

Best Shod Award - Friday/Saturday sponsored by Sam Rust

Saphire (Lisa Wilkinson)

Best Shod Award - Sunday sponsored by Sam Rust

Mercedes (Zoe Thompson)

Best Barefoot Award sponsored by Oxley Green Endurance

CA Jalmeer (John Black)

Best Veteran Horse sponsored by Yoga with Sarah Cameron

Balishla (Alex Powell)

Best Homebred Horse sponsored by Dalriada Holdings

Ty Shute Golden Savannah (Saffron Bishop)

Best Mare sponsored by Zayin Arabian Stud

HS Chiara (Annie Joppe)

Best Native Pony sponsored by PBH Accounting

Lorna's Pet (Kacey Brown)

The OC's Favourite Mare sponsored by Yawl Hill Stud

DD Gai Daneen (Carri-Ann Dark)

Best ICENI Member sponsored by ICENI

Lisa Wilkinson (Saphire)

Vets' Choice Best Condition sponsored by PhysioFi

Balishla (Alex Powell)

The OC Recognition Award sponsored by Intercuir

John Black (CA Jalmeer)

Enduro Equine Suffolk Spring Series Team Competition Winners

Team: Too Tight To Mention

Emma Pleasance with Florence

Niamh Richardson with Redwings Milky Way

Keighley Pomroy with Pheenix

Tracey Chilvers with Drifter of Coral

Enduro Equine Suffolk Spring Series Individual Competition Winner

Emma Pleasance with Florence

The JR Endurance 160km CEI3*

Elim (GA & ME)  Kirsty Wiscombe (GBR) with Yawl Hill Pollyanna

The ICENI 2-Day 180km CEI3*

Elim (GA) Georgina Vaughan (GBR) with Vlacq Journeyman

Elim (GA) Lisa Powell (GBR) with Akwaduct

The Bailey's 2-Day 140km CEI2*

1st Annie Joppe (GBR) with HS Chiara (13.98kph)

The Spillers120km CEI2*

Elim (GA) Fiona Videla (GBR) with FF Alpha Orions

Elim (GA) Hamdan Ahmed Al Marri (UAE) with Castlebar Tanama

Elim (Ret) Emma Taylor (GBR) with Simeric Sarsour

The Misty Farm Endurance120km CEIYJ2*

1st Majid Jamal Al Mheiri (UAE) with Showman TE (15.37kph)

Elim (GA & ME) Khalifa Obaid Al Marri (UAE) with Dream Time TE

The Zayin Stud 100km CEI1*

1st Javed Khan Mustak Khan (IND) with Al Badia (15.40kph)

2nd Uttam Singh Bhanwar Singh (IND) with Castlebar Topgear (15.39kph)

3rd Inder Singh Gayar Singh (IND) with Castlebar Thunder (15.31kph)

Elim (GA) Camille Fitton (AUS) with Ainhoa Mordicus AA

Elim (ME) Abigail Taylor (GBR) with Warrens Hill Elanzo

Elim (GA) Antonia Milner-Matthews (GBR) with Pasha's Spirit

Elim (GA) Harry Ingram (GBR) with Akim du Poncelet

The Sam Rust Farriery 100km CEIYJ1*

1st Alex Powell (GBR) with Balishla (14.95kph)

The Yawl Hill Stud 120km CER

1st John Black (GBR) with CA Jalmeer (12.6kph) - Best Condition

The Enduro Equine 2-Day 120km CER

1st Saffron Bishop (GBR) with Ty Shute Golden Savannah (14kph) - Best Condition

The Shoe Box 80km CER

1st    Linda Cowperthwaite (GBR) with Krakatau (14.8kph) - Best Condition

Elim  Dorothy Bodle with Three Lows Jenna 

80km GER sponsored by Zilco

1st     Ahmed Al Sharafaa (Sallaz Fan De Jazz)

2nd   Belinda Stewart (Penny Clawd)

2nd   Chaminda Undhugodage (Haudevar Du Barthas)

2nd   Thavaraja Letchuman (Guess De Mega)

5th    Katie Bedwin (Gerko De Tenelle)

6th    Chandrasekar Loganathan (Hyuma In Blue)

7th    Susan Rossi (Wickwood Park Domino)

8th    Lisa Wilkinson (Saphire)

2-Day 80km GER 

1st     Susan Hawes (Grimble)

2nd   Keighley Pomroy (Pheenix)

65km GER (Sat)

1st    Alicia Reeves (HB Valiant)

2nd   Emma Pleasance (Florence)

3rd    Tracey Chilvers (Drifter Of Coral)

65km GER (Sun)

1st    Carol Chapman (Sylvan Illusion)

2-Day 65km GER

1st    Kathy Carr (Tannasg Storm)

2nd   Larissa Whiley (Golden Nugget)

3rd    Janice Morton (Inde)

4th    Kacey Brown (Lorna's Pet)

45km GER 

1st   Heather Weston (Vlacq Flint Accolade)

2nd  Christine Smyth (Alraad Bin Jesra)

3rd   Jane Greatorex (Trust Me Too)

45km GER Novice 

1st   Jacqueline Edwards (Vengeance)

40km GER (Fri) sponsored by On the Hoof Training

1st     Belinda Stewart (Penny Clawd)

2nd   Linda Reeves (Toptime Bentley)

3rd    Antonia Milner-Matthews (Sameera)

40km GER Novice (Fri) sponsored by On the Hoof Training

1st    Ahmed Al Sharafaa (Ghazi De Flauzins)

2nd   Salman Al Sabri (Galate La Coudrelle)

3rd   Beatrice Milanesio (Henokin El Kamar)

4th   Chandrasekar Loganathan (Hoggar D Olbia)

5th   Chaminda Undhugodage (Hanouka De Traclin)

6th   Thavaraja Letchuman (Gazelle Du Bidal)

40km GER (Sun) sponsored by On the Hoof Training

1st     Abigail Cooper (Aryzona)

40km GER Novice (Sun) sponsored by On the Hoof Training

1st    Fiona Bloom (Dalriada Falcon in Flight)

35km GER (Fri)

1st     Michelle Garner (Utopie Du Fonpeyrol)

2nd   Heather Plasted (Sam Valley)

35km GER (Sun)

1st     Dorothy Bodle (Warrens Hill Dylan)

35km GER Novice (Sun)

1st    Fiona Bloom (Dalriada Falcon in Flight)

25km GER Novice Foundation (Fri)

1st    Virginia Rider (King's Future)

25km GER Novice Foundation (Sun)

1st    Sally Sloan (Saphira)

2nd   Valerie Chaplin (One Way)

3rd   Isobel Fleming (Prince Caspian)

4th   Dominic Smith (George Bush)

5th   Patricia Corteen (Harley Davidson)

6th   Zoe Thompson (Mercedes)

7th   Hilary Carr (Beechmount Gabby)

8th   Claire Dovey (Mister Persica Bear)

35km Pony Club Intermediate PR

1st    Niamh Richardson (Redwings Milky Way)

25km Pony Club Novice PR

1st    Jack Cross (Absolutely Crackers)

17km Pony Club Grassroots PR

Jessica Roberts (Ruby)

Lacey-mai Rushen (Geordie)

Lucy Howie (Barney)

Ruby Armstrong (Carga Girl)

Ava Lee (Balotelli)

And our Pleasure Riders...

Pauline Cushing with Buddy (35km Fri & 35km Sun)

Hannah Kelly with Pairumani Tyree (25km)

Lesley-Ann Parker with George (25km)

Rebecca Coy with Peggy Harp (20km)

Karen Carr with Branchfield Champion (17km)

Karen Roberts with Redhouse Chipstick (17km)

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