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Lavenham Endurance Classes & Results

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2023 Classes


  • 25km PR

  • 25km Foundation GER

  • 35km PR

  • 35km Novice GER

  • 35km GER

  • 40km Novice GER

  • 40km GER

  • 100km GER 3 Day (Day 1)


  • 65km GER

  • 80km GER

  • 80km CER

  • 120km CER

  • 64km GER 2 Day (Day 1)

  • 80km GER 2 Day (Day 1)

  • 100km GER 3 Day (Day 2)

  • 120km CER 2 Day (Day 1)

  • 100km FEI*

  • 100km FEI* YR

  • 120km FEI**

  • 120km FEI** YR

  • 160km FEI ***

  • 140km FEI** 2 Day (Day 1)

  • 180km FEI *** 2 Day (Day 1)


  • 25km PR

  • 25km Foundation GER

  • 35km PR

  • 35km Novice GER

  • 35km GER

  • 40km Novice GER

  • 40km GER

  • 45km GER

  • 65km GER

  • 80km GER

  • 64km GER 2 Day (Day 2)

  • 80km GER 2 Day (Day 2)

  • 100km GER 3 Day (Day 3)

  • 120km CER 2 Day (Day 2)

  • 140km FEI** 2 Day (Day 2)

  • 180km FEI *** 2 Day (Day 2)

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2022 Results

Zilco Best Turned Out

Zoe Thompson and 'Mercedes'

Zilco Best Crew

The Crew of Lissie Reeves and 'Oakley'

Team H Endurance Best Trot Up

Amelia Barker and 'Hotchberry Abi'

Best Shod Award (Created and Donated by Sam Rust)

Newberry's Ditto (Linda Cowperthwaite)

Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker Suffolk Spring Series Team Competition Winners

Team GEEK:

Gemma Conn

Emma Pleasance

Ella Pomroy

Keighley Pomroy

Enduro Equine Fitness Tracker Suffolk Spring Series Individual Competition Winner

Ella Pomroy and 'Cloverleas Mantillah'

Baileys Horse Feeds 80km CER

1st    Lissie Reeves (Oakley)

2nd  John Black (CA Jalmeer)

3rd   Anna Kidd (Whippletree Kray Jellyaby)

4th   Katie Bedwin (Omar El Nazeer)

Elim  Martin Leonard (Altivo I)


Spillers Best Condition 80km CER

1st    Lissie Reeves (Oakley)

2nd  Anna Kidd (Whippletree Kray Jellyaby)

3rd   Katie Bedwin (Omar El Nazeer)

4th    John Black (CA Jalmeer)   

80km GER

1st    Sophie Moorhouse (Nicsar Diamond Jubilee)

2nd   Ella Pomroy (Cloverleas Mantillah)

3rd    Belinda Stewart (Penny Clawd)

4th    Linda Cowperthwaite (Newberrys Ditto)

5th    Rosemary Granger (Adams Glory)

Spillers Best Condition 80km GER

1st     Belinda Stewart (Penny Clawd)

2nd    Linda Cowperthwaite (Newberrys Ditto)

3rd    Sophie Moorhouse (Nicsar Diamond Jubilee)

4th     Ella Pomroy (Cloverleas Mantillah)

5th     Rosemary Granger (Adams Glory)

64km GER

1st    Pippa Howie (Push The Button)

2nd   Tronari Baker (Irshaad)

3rd    Emma Pleasance (Florence)

4th    Jacqueline Lloyd (Khalifa B J)

5th    Tracey Jean Chilvers (Drifter Of Coral)

6th    Lisa Wilkinson (Saphire) 

Caroline Cowley (Santa Ana Mist)

Charlotte Denton-Cowell (Cruz)

Charlotte Purkis (SG Haneesh)

Dominic Smith (George Bush)

Gaynor Jones (HS Pearl Diver)

Gemma Conn (Hugo)

Janetta Haverson (Auberon)

Kathy Carr (Mandarine)

Lesley Caswell (Crystal Magic Star)

Susan Hawes (Grimble)

Tania Fitton (LTF Jjewell C)

45km GER Novice

1st   Katie Beckley (Egyptian Whirlwind)

40km GER

1st     Lisa Hayworth (Kilteeven Ginger Mist)

2nd   Janice Morton (Mamanuca May)

3rd    Bryony Parsler (Personified)

40km GER Novice

1st    Carri Ann Dark (Bey Sahli)

2nd   Beth Langley (DD Gai Daneen)

3rd   Keighley Pomroy (Pheenix)

Anna Dawson (Caspian)

Rebecca Parsler (Treenhill Calypso)

32km GER

1st   Isobel J Fleming (Prince Caspian)

2nd   Leonie Wheeler (Toys Triple Child)

3rd    Lisa Powell (LTF Wings Of Semele C)

Jacqueline Watson (Princess Lulu)

Jane Greatorex (Trust Me Too)

Tracey Ellis (Zas Marzouk)

32km GER Novice

1st   Lesley-Ann Parker (George)

2nd Julie Horne (Mick The Scant)

Catharine Rideout (Minnie I)

25km GER Novice Foundation

1st   Abigail Barker (Chilly Daze)

2nd  Amelia Barker (Hotchberry Abi)

3rd   Julia S Harman (Cardinal Panache)

Nicola Jackson (Lisballely Lady)

Zoe Thompson (Mercedes)

32km PR

Charlotte Valori (WIL Celtic Mighty Mouse)

Hannah Louise Chawner (Spirit Of Love)

25km PR

Mary-Ann Hogsbjerg (Alaska (Cairnview Alaska)

Theresa G Lough (High Chapparal)

Zoe Davies (Wardsplace Siren)

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Lavenham 22 1.jpg
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